Choices have consequences

We all know that choices have consequences, and many times we don’t see the results, or can’t tie the results to the choices we make. Sometimes we can. Looking at two people who made different choices when in similar positions, is enlightening.

First let’s look at Ronald Wayne. Who, you might ask is Ronald Wayne? Ronald is one of the three original founders of Apple. He owned 10% of the company. If he still did he would have $22B in Apple stock today (give or take). Even if he had sold a bunch along the way, he would not be living in Pahrump, NV on Social Security. What happened?

According to an article in the San Jose Mercury News, he did not have the “foresight and more importantly, the fortitude to hang on for another six months…” and he left the company about 12 days after it was founded. He sold his 10% back to the company for $1,500.

Contrast that with Jeff Skoll the first employee and then President of eBay. He stayed with eBay and subsequently became a billionaire.

Choices have consequences and risk can offer reward.

Happy Holidays.


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