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Leaving Money on the Table

I was talking with a friend over the weekend. He’s part of a small crew that does warranty work for one of the nation’s largest home builders. They’ve been working on a development in which not one or two, but … Continue reading

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Rebranding works … when it does

Rebranding¬†is a tricky proposition. Too many companies call a brand extension a rebranding, which rarely works because the brand owner wants to keep the old position while staking out a new one too. As Ries and Trout taught us MANY … Continue reading

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Clueless and Lazy

I was reading my friend Eric Chester’s blog today and he had a great post that involved another of my favorite subjects … ice cream. Eric and his wife were on the way in to buy some Cold Stone ice … Continue reading

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Visual indicators of quality

A tenet of process improvement management is to use visual indicators of quality to help people connect. I experienced an excellent example of that today at the bank. To calibrate you, one of the best inventions of the 20th Century … Continue reading

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