The real problem with B2B sales?

I was reading Mark Gibson’s recent blog post, “Quality Trumps Quantity in B2B Marketing Lead Generation.” He cited a Marketing Sherpa study showing the #1 and #2 challenges reported by marketers were generating better quality leads and needing to create a larger number of leads, respectively.

He then conducted his own research with sales people. He admits that his sample size was small and not necessarily scientifically valid, but I found the result intriguing. Sales people’s number one challenge was also getting quality leads, but there VERY close #2 challenge was communicating product value. In my experience most sales people are unable to communicate product value effectively simply because marketing can’t either. I wrote a book on this subject, so I clearly am in sync with Mark’s findings.

What are you doing to help your sales people succeed, other than trying to “motivate them?”

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1 Response to The real problem with B2B sales?

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