A credibility gap … or chasm

James is out for lunch, so I just answered our phone and was greeted by a meek and mild voice who told me his name and the company he was calling from,  and then asked me if he had called our company. Since we answer the phone with “Welcome to Customer Manufacturing Group,” that was my first clue that he was not listening.

He then proceeded to tell me that he had visited our website and concluded that we offer marketing coaching to small businesses. Not really a conclusion I would expect you to draw from our website, but I played along by saying we have done that upon occasion in the past.

He then launched into his pitch about how his company provided cold-calling lead generation and appointment setting services for companies like ours and our clients. I thanked him for calling, said goodbye and hung up.

It was pretty clear to me that if that was the caliber of person they used to get their own business, what kind of person would they provide to us or our clients?

Make sure you don’t have a credibility gap in your business.


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1 Response to A credibility gap … or chasm

  1. This is really interesting. Perhaps the cold caller was just shy and terrified? Cold calling still puts ice in my veins and I have managed to convert people through cold calls.

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