Do I detect a pattern here?

Last year I posted a story about a You Tube video being used to get an airline’s attention. In that case, United Airlines agreed to work with Dave Carrol’s video as a “training experience” for their employees.

Today, CNN reported about Johnnie Tuitel being kicked off a flight because the US Airways flight attendant decided he was incapable of flying alone. (For more on my thoughts on US Airways, you can read my post on why they are the worst US airline.) As you might expect this caused a major stir from Mr. Tuitel and the United Cerebral Palsy Association. What did US Airways decide to do?

According to the CNN article, “US Airways said it spoke with Tuitel on Friday about collaborating with the airline as it works to improve service for disabled passengers. Tuitel said the conversation was “very productive.””

Do I detect a pattern here with the airlines?


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