If you get the product right, “marketing” is a lot easier

It’s no secret that Buick car sales and the Buick brand have been on a downward slide for over two decades. This performance notwithstanding, Buick was selected as one of the surviving brands in the GM portfolio. In a post earlier this year I asked, “Is Buick focused or confused?”

In that post I pointed out that Buick had a very limited line of cars that did not seem to have a brand position behind them. I’m still not sure they do, but they are very good cars and people are buying them. Buick decided to position the brand up against higher end cars such as the Acura. In addition, they (for the most part) have gone to great lengths to make sure the Buick models are not simply rebranded Chevys or stripped down Cadillacs.

Big surprise, make a unique product that meets a need and people buy it. Wow what a concept. Buick sales are up over last year more than any other brand. And the cars are getting rave reviews from the industry and from buyers. It is also the #1 brand in China.

Their marketing communications efforts are also in sync with their new younger customer focus (the dropped their sponsorship of the golf tour and Tiger Woods). However, if you don’t get the products right, all the advertising in the world won’t really help. (If it did, GM would not have needed a government bail out).

Get your product or service offerings right for your market and the marketing communications efforts are a whole lot easier … and less expensive.


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One Response to If you get the product right, “marketing” is a lot easier

  1. Ken says:

    I never thought I would say that I liked a Buick… …but the latest models are some of the most beautiful cars on the road!

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