One more time, everyone does not want to be a pioneer

I read a couple of interesting articles about FourSquare recently. For the 96% of you who don’t use it (Forrester Research indicates only 4% of online adults use the service), it is a location-based service that helps you find what you are looking for around where you are. Forrester suggests that it may be too early for most marketers to jump on the location-based marketing bandwagon. Wow, and you can actually pay for that insight.

“Forrester recommends that gaming, consumer electronics and sportswear marketers lead the way with testing these apps.” Are you nuts? Marketers who need and want to get to the pioneers and innovators should be using FourSquare. That’s who uses stuff first. Always. Did you miss that in marketing class? In truth if you read the The Tipping Point, Crossing the Chasm or the original work, The Diffussion of Innovations, you could have learned that fact.

Starbucks, known for going after pioneers and innovators, was an early user of FourSquare. Unfortunately, according to David Teicher, they forgot a key piece of the puzzle: Making sure their store people knew about the promotion. Oops. Happens to the best of them.

It’s real simple folks, if your market is pioneers and innovators, go after them in pioneering and innovative ways. If your market is the majority (early or otherwise), use traditional approaches, including the new ones when they become mainstream.


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