Old habits …

Many a company, including ones I have been involved with, is taken by surprise at how slowly human beings often take to change behaviors. Lots of hype has been written about watching videos on the web and how many views YouTube gets. All of which is true. However…

Nielsen, the authority on video watching, publishes a “Three Screens Report.” The three screens are TV, PC and mobile devices. Their latest report, which covers 1Q 2010 found that TV watching in the US is increasingly the dominant form of video watching. Some staggering numbers:

  • 286 million people watched 158 hours of TV per month (up from the prior period)
  • 134 million people watched 3 hours of online video

TV watching represents 98.9% of all video watched and that is up from 98.8% in 1Q 2009.

Old habits often exist because it is still the way people get what they want. As we say here in the west, “Pioneers end up face down in the mud …” Sometimes.


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