If you tweet does it matter?

The debate about the value of businesses using Twitter continues. Opinions abound. Facts are in short supply. Queries from freelance writers looking for people who have “made money” from Twitter appear almost daily. I’m sure some people have. That’s not the point. A few people found gold in California. Most didn’t; but the suppliers of mining equipment and supplies made lots of money.

With all this noise going on, I was pleased to read about a six month analysis of tweets done by 360i, a leading digital marketing agency. During that time frame, they looked at tweets sent by real people rather than by businesses. (They estimate 90% of tweets are from people, 10% from businesses.) They found that only 12% of those tweets (from people) ever mention a brand or product, and the vast majority of those mentions were of Twitter itself.

They found that most of the few brand conversations that go on between Twitter users are self-generated and not part of anything the company itself did to stimulate a conversation. They also found some other interesting statistics: 94% of tweets are personal in nature, 85% are original, not re-tweets and 43% are personal, directed to a single person, not their followers as a whole. Conversely, marketers are trying to use it as a broadcast medium, with 88% of their tweets being directed at all followers.

The one positive the study found is that 82% of brand mentions on Twitter were positive. So the old story about people pushing negative comments harder and faster than positive ones about your product, brand, or company, is at least not yet true on Twitter.

As I have told people for years, if you want to get people talking about you, make yourself, your product, or your brand remarkable.


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