It’s the little things

It doesn’t take a lot to make a BIG impression in today’s mediocre service world. (Maybe that’s better than in the 1980s when Tom Peters said you could stand out in the crowd if you could raise your service to mediocre.) We hear about big companies that have outstanding service policies like Zappos. But there are small companies that quietly delight their customers by surprising them.

Today’s example is The PrintWorks Collection. My wife is a crafter and she needed some new ink pads. (Outliner inks to be specific.) She placed her order on their website and a few days later her order arrived. Turns out they were out of one of the colors she ordered in the size she ordered, so they sent her a smaller pad and refill at no charge while they wait to fill the order as placed.

She was pleasantly surprised and said she LOVES this site.

How are you providing a positive surprise to create loyalty with your customers?


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