If you can’t fix it, feature it…

Roy Fields, a former VP for Teledyne, Inc. uttered those words to me many years ago. I have never forgotten them. And for a finance guy (which Roy was), pretty great marketing advice. Something KFC needs to think about.

In a post back on May 12th, I pointed out that KFC was losing market share. A May 24th Advertising Age article titled, “Battered KFC Gives Itself Another Spin,” discussed KFC’s 5th advertising shift in five years. They are struggling to figure out what to say. Why?

In a May 31st article Advertising Age suggested “KFC Could Learn Something About Itself and Marketing if it Listened to Consumers.” Now there’s a novel concept. Of course that takes effort and may not be as much fun as listening to new ad agency pitches from people who claim to have listened to your customers.

Bob Garfield, the author of the latest article has a novel suggestion. He says it is time for KFC to stop being dishonest about their food by trying to claim it is healthy. Or by trying to garner “respect” by partnering with Breast Cancer research (at a mere 50 cents per bucket). They should try being honest with people. As Garfield points out, “…these people sell crunchy, juicy, yummy fried chicken.” And while he does not think you should eat it too often, he also says, “…there’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

His recommendation for their brand strategy: Promote your dietary incorrectness. I agree. Or as Roy Fields said to me back in the day, “If you can’t fix it, feature it.”


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1 Response to If you can’t fix it, feature it…

  1. Dave J. says:

    Saw a post earlier today about how their new inside-out sandwich is doing just that.

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