Some things are just better passive

In a recent Advertising Age article, “Five Reasons Consumers Won’t Tune in to Google TV,” Ellen Dundar discusses why she thinks Google TV won’t succeed. “As someone who has been working to bring interactive television and advanced advertising to the living room for more than a decade, [she] ha[s] a detailed perspective on what consumers want, and the platforms, tools and models to reach the most homes.”

Her arguments seem good to me. That being said, I believe there may be one additional, even more compelling reason why Google TV will fail: At least for now, the majority of the audience does not really want to interact with their TV. Some activities just don’t need to be interactive to be enjoyed. In fact, they are better off passive.

Features that don’t add value are not value-added, they are cost-added. That just eats into profits or requires a price point nobody will pay. Or, makes the product worse.


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