Headlines matter

I was reminded again today why headlines are so important in selling products and services. Your copy may be great, but your headline is what attracts attention. In today’s issue of USA Today, the headline reads: “Hurricane season may make spill worse.” Now that is a grabber. Of course the sub-headline said, it may actual break up the spill and make it less damaging. But that is not as interesting as the headline. The article itself didn’t say much at all because there are three possible scenarios:

  1. Hurricanes will make it worse
  2. Hurricanes will make it better
  3. Hurricanes won’t make any difference

Newspaper headlines are designed to sell newspapers. The fact that the article does not add value and disappoints may be why newspapers are in trouble today. However, that does not mitigate today’s lesson: Headlines are important. Get yours right and make sure the copy is worth reading as well.


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