Should you use a celebrity in your ad?

There is a lot of controversy around celebrity usage in ads. Are they credible? Do consumers really follow their advice? What happens if they have a highly publicized negative event? Opinions abound on all fronts, and if it were clear-cut, there would be no discussion. All of that being said, a specific question I ask is: Did Danica Patrick add any value for Go Daddy this year in their Super Bowl Ad?

Go Daddy claims a large spike in traffic due to their Super Bowl ad again this year. Exact numbers are not provided, but the spike seems confirmed by third parties, and I have no reason to believe their ad did not drive a lot of traffic to their site.

My question is really this: Did they need to pay Danica Patrick her celebrity fee to make that happen? I suspect the incremental traffic her place in that ad created was minor if anything. While she is listed as the Go Daddy Girl, and I do not know how long her contract is for, I would not be surprised if she is not included in next year’s ad. Not because she is not hot, just because she is more expensive than unknown women who can create the same result for Go Daddy.


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One Response to Should you use a celebrity in your ad?

  1. B2Blog says:

    I’d bet you we’d see her again. Go Daddy doesn’t seem to want to tinker with their ‘formula’. Or their very cluttered website.

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