The Super Bowl and process

I’ll be posting about the Super Bowls ads this week. (Ralph won’t because he does not watch the Super Bowl). However, as lots of others are posting about the ads now, I thought I would make a brief comment about flexible adaptable processes and the Super Bowl.

As those who watched it will no doubt agree, it was a well-played game on both sides. Few mistakes (well Payton made a big one, but…) and few penalties. The marks of true professionals in any area. Both sides adapted well to the other teams schemes. However, the New Orléans coach appears to have been more flexible and adaptable in his approach to the game.

Not just in the risks he took (4th and 2 from the two yard line and an onside kick to start the second half to name a few), but rather in his willingness to have his team flex to meet the situation. While Drew Brees did a great job, his coach gets my vote for MVP.

Rigid processes don’t work in most dynamic environments. However, ad hoc and flexible are not the same thing. Make sure your processes have a purpose and have enough flexibility to meet those needs … and no more.

Coming next, my take on the oxymoron ad of the game.


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