Is this an effective ad?

Everybody has an opinion about ads, which is why Marketing people get so much “help” with deciding how to advertise products and services. The ad in question is interesting for a lot of reasons:

  1. It is entertaining
  2. It is provocative
  3. It was forwarded to me by members of the target market who thought it was the “ad of the year.”

All that being said, the question is really will it help sell the product? I don’t know if the ad is actually causing an increase in sales, and the advertiser isn’t going to tell me. However, I offer it here for your amusement and comment if you so choose.


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1 Response to Is this an effective ad?

  1. rkenneth says:

    Generational marketing is an interesting topic.

    As a leading edge boomer, I am repulsed by the ad’s “pay-off” scene… but I use Centrum Silver. Will I abandon the product because it compares me to an “elder”? Probably not. As a career marketer/ad agency creative, I would bet good money that the creative team and account managers were all much younger than the target demo.

    Wyeth Consumer Healthcare would be better served to take a generational marketing approach with strategists and creative teams selected from the targeted generation. In that way, the attention grabbing elements would lead to a better pay-off for 50+ consumers.

    Ken Sethney [marketing coach]

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