The Google phone … a bridge too far?

The culture of your company affects everything you do. Google is a great company (whether they are getting too big for themselves is another conversation). However, their business model does not include talking with individual customers. They “talk” via the Internet, if they respond at all. And in Internet time (which for the purposes of customer service is not “real-time”).

This culture does not work for cell phone customers, especially if your phone leaves more to be desired than expected in terms of usage. Google has gotten a fair amount of negative press since releasing their Nexus One phone in terms of people not getting the support they need, want and demand from a cell phone provider. But then, Google does not have that culture and by the time they get it right, it may be too late.

Big does not mean you can do anything, it just means you can afford to lose customers for longer. To wit, General Motors took 60 years to go from #1 to bankrupt, but it was a pretty straight line downward.


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