Is Buick focused or confused?

To be fair, Buick is in transition as a retained brand for the “new” General Motors, but…

I was hanging around the Buick dealer today because it used to be a Pontiac, Buick, GMC dealer (well actually it also had Oldsmobile at one time too). Now they are really just Buick and GMC. I spent an hour there because my Solstice had an issue I wanted service to look at and while they looked I walked the showroom.

Buick has three models. That’s it. La Crosse, Lucerne and an SUV/Crossover  called the Enclave. Their website suggests they are bringing back the Regal this Spring. (The Regal looks a lot like the Chevy Malibu … but then why would they do that … oh never mind).

Not only do they have a very limited offering, it isn’t clear to me what these vehicles have in common or what the brand stands for. Their tag line is “the new class of world-class.” At least I think that is their tag line. Anyway, still not sure what a Buick is or wants to be. Trust they will get this figured out soon.


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