Sometimes you can’t get out of your own way

The BIG Los Angeles Auto Show opened this week. General Motors was hoping the focus for them with the media would be on their exciting green car line up. Not to be. You might think the issue would be whether Tiger Woods is still going to be a spokesperson for Buick. But that’s not it either, because GM didn’t trigger that one.

No, the Board (all new people, but maybe no better than the last Boards that watched the company go from dominance to bankrupt without doing anything) decided to fire the CEO just prior to the show opening. Whether the CEO should have been fired is not my call. That one belongs to the Board. However, to do it just before the show, assured GM that the only thing the media wants to talk about is that, not their cars.

Timing is everything. Tiger you can’t control. Firing the CEO? That one should be under their control.


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