Walking the talk

Occasionally, Ralph or I go off on something on this blog that is not really marketing, sales, innovation or process related. Today is one of those days.

I was playing golf at Lincoln Park in San Francisco yesterday and I was struck by the hypocrisy of this city run golf course. (Excellent location, nice challenging short course that everyone wishes was kept in better playing condition, but that’s not the issue.) San Francisco prides itself on shouting about environmental issues and conserving resources. That being said, this course still uses gas-powered golf carts instead of electric carts. Why?

You might suggest that with the budget issues San Francisco is facing, now is not the time to replace golf carts. Probably so, but then they could have done so at any time over the last several years, if it was important to them. I suspect, as with many people, they think others should spend their money in certain ways, but they do not walk their own talk.


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