You can still learn a lot from customers

dpsglogoDr. Pepper Snapple Group was freed from the confines of Cadbury last year and has been making up for lost time. In reading about them, there are lots of things to be impressed by and cheer about. They are focused on getting R&D close to the customer. Now there’s a novel concept. With an R&D budget 20x smaller than Pepsi’s they have to get it right more often. Being close to the customer usually helps.

MottsI was especially impressed with an idea they came up with to get kids to drink more juice. They found that parents were watering down Mott’s Apple Juice to cut back on calories. So they reduced the sugar by 40% and kept all the nutrition. Big win for everyone.

drpepperI have been a fan of Dr. Pepper for a long time and discuss one of their critical mistakes in my book, It’s Not Rocket Science: Using Marketing to Build A Sustainable Business. I love they are back in the thick of it. And, when it comes to advertising they seem to be getting some good advice. Their ad agency chief was quoted as saying, “Coke and Pepsi, all they have to do is remind you why you like the brand. Dr. Pepper has to tell you why you should drink this more.”


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