Peter Drucker Remembered

A recent issue of the Harvard Business Review had a special section titled “What Would Peter Drucker Think?” focused on the current financial issues.  It was refreshing to see Drucker so fondly remembered in the HBR, where he had published many articles.  Drucker died several years ago, but he was THE management guru to generations of managers.  In recent years it has become a bit trendy to dismiss him as old hat and now irrelevant.  That’s ridiculous.  It’s like saying that Frank Sinatra is an outdated and irrelevant singer.

Drucker invented the field of management, and many of his insights are now part and parcel of what we take for granted in management—that’s hardly irrelevant.  Also, he was one of the few people who could consistently be 20 years ahead of their time and still be lionized during the present.  He was unique and will be missed.  We could do a whole lot worse today than to look back on his wisdom.


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