Will Motorola Get it Right Again

Motorola used to be the king of cell phones. As recently as 2006 they had close to 20% market share worldwide. In 2009 that is expected to be around 5%. How did this happen? Skill and excellent management. Motorola lost their ability to be a trendsetter in cell phones several years ago and the drop in market share has simply followed. However, I am encouraged by the Cliq.

cliqIs it because I think the Cliq is a great phone. Don’t know, can’t say, hard to tell. It’s not about that. It’s about focus and differentiation. We are strong believers that focus and valuable differentiation breeds success and Motorola appears to have found a focused, differentiated position with the Cliq. Will it succeed? I don’t know, I am not their target market.

The Cliq is focused on my kids. They use their phone as a mobile social networking device. Most phones are ok at that. The Cliq is designed to be GREAT at that. Is it? Many critics seem to think so. Will it succeed? If enough people what a mobile social networking device that is also a phone. We’ll see.

One thing I am sure of … if Motorola had continued down their prior path, they would have soon been acquired (at a bargain price) or ceased to exist.


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