Choosing … it’s such a problem

I read a blog post today by Mary Hunt. It starts as follows:

“Nearly all the marketers I have spoken to lately have told me the same thing: after the headcount reductions in their firms, they don’t have enough people on their teams, or hours in their own day, to effectively use all the marketing vehicles that are available to them. They feel overwhelmed by the options…” While she goes on to offer some useful ideas from a book she recently read, I found a different root cause problem here.

Why is it necessary to “use all marketing vehicles?” Why is that even a goal? The job of any professional is to pick the best tools for the job. The fact that you can’t afford to use all the tools in your tool box, or don’t have the time to use them all is not the issue. The issue is picking the right tools to use. A monkey can use all of them. A professional knows how to decide what to do.

End of the rant for today.


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