Seven Steps To Value Acceleration (Part 6)

When Ralph and I published our book Value Acceleration, we were asked for ideas on the steps to take to get Value Acceleration for your company. We came up with seven. We will post them here over the next several of weeks for your amusement. BTW, the book hit #1 Industrial Marketing book on on May 1 and again in mid-July.

Step #6 is to develop a sales process that helps the right customer buy right. Too many companies create a sales process that is either convenient for them; efficiently uses their sales organization; or attempt to get customers to buy when the company needs them to buy, as opposed to when the customer wants to buy. If your sales process is like many, it is at least a partial (if not significant) obstacle to your prospective customer’s ability to buy from you. It is actually a sales prevention process.

You can accelerate the sales cycle by helping (rather than pushing) the customer to buy.


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