Starbucks and customer service ratings

My local Starbucks posted their customer service ratings. The scores indicate that they need to process people a bit quicker and clean the store up a bit. I agree. Overall their scores were in the 50s-80s. I notice similar scores in other Starbucks. Good thing they are not a car dealership or similar location where anything less than a 10 is cause for termination.

So, given such “low” scores, compared to other companies that push for 10s, how is it that Starbucks has such a loyal following and profits? Perhaps because Starbucks wants the unvarnished truth from their customers so they can get better, not an artificial score they can brag about.

Several years ago when my wife drove a BMW, they would call her for her feedback on their car. She would not talk to them, so I did. I told every single interviewer that if I bought her another BMW she would divorce me. This never elicited any follow-up from BMW, who I assume was looking for a 10.

If you want to get better, get feedback. On that note, if we can make this blog more useful to you, let us know.


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