What goes around…

A short time ago I lost part of my power adapter on an American Airlines flight. I travel with my laptop and a Targus power adapter so that when I am on a flight with seat power I can use it to avoid running out of battery power (those DVDs take a lot of juice). I carry an adapter that has two types of plugs, one for em-Power (which is used on United Airlines, at least those few planes that still have seat power) and a cigarette adapter for use on American Airlines. The cigarette adapter plugs over the em-Power adapter plug so as to avoid lots of pieces.

Anyway, a few months ago when I unplugged the adapter from the seat power I was not paying attention (and you are surprised) and apparently the cigarette adapter piece unplugged itself from the rest of the adapter and was left in the socket. I did not discover this until some time later when I went to use it. I figured I’d just get on the Targus website and order a replacement. Silly me, Targus does not sell that part separately. The only choice is to buy a new adapter, which I would prefer not to do.

This weekend I am flying back from Dallas. I get into my seat, reach down to adjust something and what do I see sticking out of the seat power plug? The cigarette adapter piece that I had lost. Well, probably not the exact same one, but its clone.

Amazing what goes around. Now I trust who ever left it will have similar good fortune in the future.


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