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Another newspaper bites the dust

The Seattle Post Intelligencer announced today the end of their print edition. This continues the decline of print newspapers that many people believe is tied to fewer people reading print papers. While it is probably and provable true that fewer … Continue reading

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Let’s quit spending money on Marketing

A lot is being written these days on how to justify Marketing expenses in this difficult economy. Advice comes from many quarters on the dos and don’ts of what you should promise or where you should look to make sure … Continue reading

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Too funny or sad to pass up

I write a lot about airlines because I fly a lot and they are prime examples of how to become a commodity in a market where differentiation opportunities are plentiful. However, yesterday a story came to my attention that is … Continue reading

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It’s all in how you look at it

I saw a great word play today. Not sure where it originated, but I liked it. Trust you will too. “Business is nowhere.” or  “Business is nowhere.” Go make something happen. Mitch

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Cutting customer complaints

The fastest way to cut customer complaints is to make it so hard or pointless to complain that they don’t bother. Research studies published several years ago suggested that only one person in 26 with a reason to complain would do … Continue reading

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