Signs of life

In my discussions with CEOs I am noticing a more upbeat tone. Perhaps it is just because they have gotten their costs in alignment with today’s reality, or maybe there are signs of life.

On that note, in my air travels over the last several weeks I have not been on a single plane that was not almost completely full and trying to stand-by for an earlier flight out has been for naught. In addition, I am here in Las Vegas and if there is a downturn here I can’t see it. 45 minute wait for a cab from the airport on a Thursday; 45 minute wait to get into Margaritaville at 8:30pm, crowds everywhere. My grandfather never described the great depression like this.


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2 Responses to Signs of life

  1. Agreed. Companies I work with seem to be a bit busier and everywhere I go as a consumer (stores, restaurants) is busy also. I think “Depression 2.0” is a bunch of hype and people have no idea what it’s like to have it really tough. My grandparents would agree with yours.

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