Some silliness has left the building…

Or should I say the airplane. I don’t fly US Airways very often for at least the reasons noted in a prior post. While I too commend Captain Sully and his crew for their terrific efforts, one of my goals is to never find out if the flight crew I am with is good in an emergency.

US Airways instituted a $2 fee for “complimentary” soft drinks at least a year ago. As many have heard me note, I noticed that so few people paid the fee (choosing instead to go drink-less and be upset), that I suspected it cost US Airways more in fuel to fly those full cans than they recovered in fees. Not to mention the “bad will” the policy engendered.

I flew US Airways today to Philly and discovered that as of March 1, 2009 they have returned to the free soft drink policy maintained by all the other airlines. The flight attendants told me they were very happy with the new policy since so many people had expressed outrage at the fee for soft drink policy.

So, some silliness has left the airplane. At least for today.


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