Too funny or sad to pass up

I write a lot about airlines because I fly a lot and they are prime examples of how to become a commodity in a market where differentiation opportunities are plentiful. However, yesterday a story came to my attention that is just too good not to share.

You may know the airlines require extremely obese people to buy two coach tickets, ostensibly because they won’t fit into one coach seat. (They do not require them to buy two first class tickets, so it has to be a seat size issue.) The on-line e-zine,, recently posted a story entitled “You are now free to move about the cabin.”

They recite the story of Samantha Scafe. Apparently Samantha who weighs about 350 pounds (160kg) was advised upon making her reservation that she did not need to buy a second seat. However, when she got to the airport the airline changed its mind and required her to purchase a second seat for the “comfort of the other passengers.” She complied.

What’s the issue: After purchasing her second seat she found out the two seats were not together!


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