Value still sells at any price

You’d think with the downturn in full stride and high-end brands and retailers suffering that people would be looking to save money any way they can. Well value still sells, no matter the price. My case in point today is private education.

As a matter of law children are provided free education in the United States from kindergarten through high school. Everyone pays for it via taxes. Since it is already paid for, you’d expect that optional, private education would be in the doldrums during this economy. You’d be wrong.

In an article in today’s San Jose Mercury they noted that actual student count at private schools is holding steady and that interest in registration for upcoming sessions was up dramatically. Why? Simple, the pinheads who run the State of California can’t make a good deal to help the State through this crisis, so they are threatening to cut education investment. This scares a lot of people who believe it is a good investment to make sure their kids get a good education. Many appear to have decided that if free is not good, then paying for one is a good value.

How are you making sure your offerings are good value in today’s and tomorrow’s economy?

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