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And now it hits the PC business

The AP reported today that global PC shipments dropped for the first time in six years. Unlike other retail categories where unit volume was up but average selling price was down due to discounting, PC unit sales actually dropped in … Continue reading

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Somebody’s doing something right

Amid the doom and gloom in the auto sector, here comes Audi with record sales for the 13th year in a row.  While Audi is a niche player in the industry (sales above 1M units for the first time), it … Continue reading

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Insights from Al Ries

In the January 5, 2009 issue of Ad Age, Al Ries published an insightful article entitled “The Difference Between Building a Business and Building a Brand.” We agree with virtually all of Al’s points in his article (as we usually do). The … Continue reading

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Overcoming obstacles to making sales

We love seeing companies that are innovative in their approach to helping customers, and in so doing, help themselves. We criticize the automobile industry a lot (for valid reasons we think), but in this case we can report on an … Continue reading

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It’s about the process

We teach negotiation to business people and I was reminded again today that one of the key aspects of successful negotiation that too many of us forget is that negotiation is a process. If one side or the other feels … Continue reading

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Two weeks early, but it’s starting

The NY Times, as reprinted in the San Jose Mercury News, reported today (for the first time) that there are economists who believe the recession may end early in 2009. If you read the entire article they note that many economists … Continue reading

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