Attitude matters

I’m waiting for the rental car bus at O’Hare (ORD) tonight and I notice that lots of cars are stopping in the rental car pick up area to pick up passengers even though they really aren’t supposed to do that there as it clogs traffic when the rental car buses show up. Pretty soon I notice the traffic guy working to move people along and also flagging down rental car buses that might miss their passengers.

During a lull in traffic I get a chance to ask him if there are any signs to tell drivers that this is a rental car loading zone. He says not really but there are no stopping signs, but he shrugs and says people ignore them anyway. He tells me he just asks people to please move along unless they are actively loading, and then he cuts them some slack. I told him that his actions were materially different than I had seen at San Francisco Airport (SFO) where the traffic “Nazi’s” will beat on your car and yell at you to move it along.

He smiled and said that in his experience if you are nice to people most will respond well, and if you try to bully them most push back. So he is nice and expects the same in return. What a refreshing approach from a law enforcement person at a highly busy airport (probably not as busy as SFO which may be way SFO has to bully and harrass, but then again …)

This fine gentlemen on a night when it was 15 degrees (F not C) reminded me that it really is still about attitude and we must never forget that. Thank you sir  for both you good work and your good works.

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