Retail sales this holiday season … what’s the real story

While I have no doubt that this holiday season’s retail sales will not have been great, I will look forward to hearing the actual numbers. And I suggest you look at them in detail. Since the report will come out before the new Obama administration takes office, the press is still likely to put as negative a spin on the numbers as they can. Be sure to disect the numbers and remember that auto sales are part of retail sales, and auto sales suck (for lots of reasons including credit, jobs, and car dealer sales tactics.) The real question is how did the average retailer fare this season?

Today, Amazon reported their best holiday season ever, so the headlines changed to dismal retail sales except for some retailers. My limited research on the subject saw lots of shoppers during the holiday season, and today when visting Macy’s to return a couple of things, I must say that if the store was less bare, there would have been nothing in it.

Again, I do not expect a good report, but when the facts are fully reported, I suspect that the sky will not have fallen … but Chicken Little is likely to be around at least until January 21, 2009.


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