Missed Opportunities

I finally bought a new car. After 11 years of driving my pick-up truck, it was finally time to admit it was time. I had decided on a Pontiac Solstice but had delayed purchase since all the dealers in my area wanted $5K over sticker price for the car, and I just didn’t want it that badly.


Fortunately, I met a terrific Pontiac dealer in Detroit during one of my presentations and he told me that selling cars over sticker price just pissed people off, so he did not do that. He also told me he could order the car for me and have it delivered to my local dealer for pick up. 

Sounded great and the local dealer agreed to a usual and customary courtesy delivery fee for their part in the prep and delivery of the vehicle and the opportunity to create a new service department customer. The Detroit dealer did a wonderful job for me and the paperwork process was a pleasure. They stayed in touch with me to let me know when the car would be finished at the factory and on its way. They also coordinated everything with my local dealer for me. 

When I picked the car up, the process was quick and easy and most of the time was spent by the sales manager telling me that I did not need to buy the car from a dealer in Detroit that they would have sold it to me without the $5K mark-up over sticker too. I pointed out that they chose not to do that several months ago, which was how I ended up ordering from the Detroit dealer to begin with. He grudgingly acknowledged that a few months ago, that might have been true. 

Anyway, he removed the window sticker and gave me the keys. I asked him to remove another sticker in the window which he did and posted the operating permit in the front window. I signed the Motor Vehicle Department paperwork and was on my way.  

As I was driving the car home, I noticed that it was a bit difficult to see through the dirty front window and the car did not have the typical new car shine because it was covered with a film of dust. 

No worries, my son is happy to earn some money washing my new car and I now know this dealer is not about quality service, so I will go elsewhere with my service business. 

They did get their modest delivery fee, but they not only did not earn a new customer, they created what JD Powers calls an Assassin. As you can see by this blog post.


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