Ed Zander steps down at Motorola due to failed Marketing

Ed Zander

But how can that be true you say, the Razr ads are cool. The brand is well known. How did failed Marketing cause Mr. Zander’s (don’t know him, so Ed seems a little presumptuous) need to step down? 

If you have been reading this blog for a while, or if you have read our book, Value Acceleration, you know that Ralph and I (and all of the members of Customer Manufacturing Group), believe that the marketing tactics most people see and believe to be the primary role of Marketing, are simply the back-end of Marketing. And while important, it’s the front-end of Marketing that will kill you if you don’t get it right. All the money in the world spent on the promotion of products and services nobody wants is a losing proposition. 

With all of this in mind, I was amused (I’m sure Mr. Zander was not) that Business Week, in their December 17, 2007 issue noted that Ed Zander “… hung up his job…” because he failed “… to intuit what the market wanted next ….” 

In a company Motorola’s size, it’s hard to believe that Ed Zander should be personally responsible for “intuiting what the market wants next,” but he should have had people working in Marketing that could do that. However, given that Mr. Zander spent time with Scott McNealy at Sun who once told me that Sun was “… not going to waste money on marketing pukes” maybe Mr. Zander missed the critical role of Marketing in a company’s success.


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